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Terms & Conditions

Name of Company

WLMSRC.COM is the company website of WLMSRC Healthcare.

Place of Business

The clinic premises of WLMSRC Healthcare is situated at Nye Bevan Pool, The Concourse, Southway, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WN8 6LT. 


Statement of Purpose


The clinic practice provides a personalised private patient/client treatment care with Sports Therapy, Sports Rehabilitation, and Sports Physiology services.




All patients/clients of WLMSRC Healthcare must register an appointment either online or by calling into the practice or by using the online booking service, before they are able to see a therapist or use any of the therapists services privately. Patients/Clients can also register an appointment by calling the independent therapist directly via the mobile contact details provided on the companies website.


Fees and Payment


The charges for treatments or assessments are based on the time spent or are likely to be spent when dealing with an injury or care.

This can also include the time spent for considering the course of action to be taken as well as researching matters, and for making and receiving telephone calls as well as briefing and discussing any outcome measures with the relevant patient/client. Full details of our prices structure are available online via our treatments page. Prices are subject to change without notice. 


Payment Terms


Any payments must be paid at the time of consultation/treatment. We do accept credit cards and cash, but do not cheques as a form of payment. Payments are to be made in person to the independent therapist whilst in the treatment room or at reception counter after appointments. Receipts will be provided once payment is received which can be used to claim for any reimbursement from a health insurance provider, should you have cover.


Further treatment or assessment will only be offered at the discretion of the patient/client.


Cancellation Policy


Patients / Clients are advised that when booking an appointment for treatment or assessment, they are reserving the therapist's time exclusively for their treatment period. Personal contact details will be taken in the form of a email address and a landline/mobile telephone number at the time of booking an appointment for any new patient/client. We require 24 hours notice for any cancellations. This can be done by clicking the link provided on either the appointment confirmation email as well the appointment email reminder and also by telephone. Notice for cancellations on Saturday must be given by Friday at 5:00pm.


Telephone Advice


Telephone advice from an independent therapist may only be given to new future practice/client members. Members of staff who are our therapists may offer advice, for example on the services we provide or for any general healthcare information. For new problems or injury symptoms, patients/clients will be routinely advised to make an appointment in order to see our therapist. In certain extreme circumstances to which a patient/client cannot attend the clinic, the therapist may deem it appropriate to offer telephone advice for new injury conditions and these consultations will be chargeable depending on the amount of time spent and the actions taken in connection with the consultation.


Communication and Confidentiality


If patients/clients have any preference as to the method of our communication methods, please inform the therapist or the clinical director. We have thorough standards in the maintenance of confidentiality procedures. All typing, writing, photocopying and preparation of reports are carried out on the premises. Requests can be made by the therapist for copies of any external MRI or X-Ray reports, as this will be the sole responsibility of the patient/client to obtain the reports from their own personal GP.




Our therapist is registered with their respected governing bodies in the sectors that they specialise in. These include:

The Federation of Holistic Therapies, The Sports Massage Association. We are required to comply with the principles and values set out on which good practice is founded as laid down by the professional associations to which our therapist is registered. Records held by WLMSRC Healthcare will be kept for a duration of 7 years. This is a requirement guided by the professional association SMA and the FHT. The medical practitioner of the clinic is also subject to a regular appraisal and adherence to the process of continuing their medical education under the auspices of the relevant Clinical Director. 


General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)


We observe the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the data protection principles in relation to personal data. By agreeing to these terms you are agreeing to the processing of personal data to enable us to carry out treatment work on your behalf. Under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) you have a right to request details of your personal data held by us.

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