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Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy

O.M.T can reduce chronic pain...

Osteopathy manipulative treatment (O.M.T). is a specialist hands on treatment method to diagnose problems.

The practitioner will examine the back, the neck, ligaments, muscles, joints and tendons for inflammation, pain and any other indication of poor or damaged functionality.​

What happens during treatment?...

O.M.T restores balance to the whole body. As a patient receiving this treatment, you may be a passive or active participant in the process.
Passive - you take no role in the treatment process. As a patient, you sit or lay down passively while the physician performs the technique on you.
Active - you are guided by the physician to be an active participant in the treatment. The provider may ask you to contract muscles or use breathing.

The Theory behind this range of medical solution :

What is Osteopath Therapy...

Osteopathic manipulation, is a variety of techniques that can include high velocity, low amplitude thrust techniques, which people generally associate with popping noises; muscle energy, where the physician uses techniques that requires the patient to contract his/her muscles in a very specific way to relieve muscle tightness and joint restriction; strain-counter-strain where the physician moves the patient into a position where localized painful spots are relieved.

Can you benefit from O.M.T?...

Osteopathic manipulation can help people of all ages and backgrounds. It has a number of different uses, including easing pain, promoting healing, and increasing mobility. Beyond just treating muscle pain, O.M.T can also help with:- :Menstrual pain, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Migraines, Sinus disorder, and Asthma.

Manipulation Techniques offered...

There are numerous manipulation techniques we use on patients. Common forms of manipulation used today that a patient may encounter include: Cranial-sacral, Counter-strain, High velocity - low amplitude, Muscle energy, Myo-fascial release.

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