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Nial Asher Technique 

Helping the Body to Heal Itself...

NAT embraces the body's own healing processes, as an alternative to forcing the shoulder into painful movements, or using artificial chemicals and drugs to reduce inflammation.


The technique 'fools' the body/brain into healing itself by addressing the two main components of the problem - pain and stiffness.


We do not force the arm; instead you keep it still whilst your therapist or partner applies the pressure. 

The Philosophy behind this range of medical solution :


How does NAT Work?...

A frozen shoulder seems to result from the way the brain responds to inflammation around the long head of the biceps, in the rotator interval.


The Niel-Asher Technique stimulates groups of receptors embedded inside muscles to fire their messages to the brain. This creates a new and specific neurological profile within the part of the brain called the somato-sensory cortex. By stimulating these reflexes in a specific sequence, it is possible to change the way the brain fires muscles.

NAT - Treatment Topography...

The NAT treatment is “hands-on”. It involves using a sequenced series of pressure points and stretching maneuvers.


This is for a reason - the tissues of the body have many types of receptors embedded within them. Some respond to deep touch, others to superficial touch, some to pain, others to hot or cold.

Each maneuver stimulates a different profile (set of nerve impulses) depending which tissues and nerve endings are stimulated.

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