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Musculoskeletal Therapies

The Best Care

"A Unique Service" - A whole approach to injury recovery by Soft Tissue Specialist working together to get you better.

The service provides a qualified therapist who will integrate specialist provision in to educational environments, which offers up to date research maintained levels of practice that are technologically advanced. 


The functions of the Musculature services treats injuries and assists with injury recovery. Our aim is to help those who are injured to return to full fitness. We focus on the understanding on how the injury occurred, as we deal with the effects of physical and emotional traumas caused by musculature conditions.

Typical work activities upon a clients arrival into the suite for treatment consists of the following:

Patient Consultation

  • conduction of a assessment of the clients injury condition

  • testing joints for ease and range of movement

  • strapping, taping, offering massage and preparing patients to return back to normal daily functions physically and mentally

  • assess and examine injuries and determine whether patients can continue daily functions or take part in physical activity

  • assess and examine injuries caused through trauma eg, cuts, bruises and blisters

Specialist Services

  • treatment of injuries, alleviating pain, mobilising injuries and giving various types of advanced massage techniques

  • ​rehabilitation of injuries with the use of manual therapy techniques, apparatus and electro-therapy (Powerdot, Shockwave Therapy)

  • ​designing and monitoring rehabilitation programmes which are appropriate to injury recovery

  • ​decide whether the patient / client  requires additional treatments and co-ordinate referrals to other medical practitioners

  • ​advise patients / clients on dietary and nutritional issues

  • ​work with patients / clients by implementing fitness exercises, conditioning, core stability and injury prevention programmes

  • ​liaise with other health professionals in either the sports sector or mainstream medicine

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