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About Us

About the Medical Clinic

WLMSRC Healthcare are proud to offer unique and innovative ways of helping you to change your quality of life.

As a pain specialist musculature soft tissue injury centre based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WLMSRC Healthcare has effectively bridged the gap between sports therapy, injury prevention and fitness. ​

 We provide a Musculature Therapy / Rehabilitation service, as our programs reduce the risk of re-injury occurrence.​

Providing you with the best therapists for the best care

We also specialize in sports i.e.: Athletics, Triathlons. Power lifting, Boxing, Football, Golf, Rugby League & Rugby Union. We also have many GP referrals due to the quality of the standard of our treatment methods we have in place here at WLMSRC. The aim of WLMSRC is not only to get you better, but teach and show you how to prevent the injury occurring again.


So if your looking to get back into full fitness or become more active in sport participation, why not give us a call and in no time you will start to see the results. 

Vincent McHale BSc

Our therapist has many years experience, as the treatments he provides consists of: Sports Massage, Electro-therapy, Manipulative Therapy, Bio-mechanics, Gym Rehabilitation, and Cryo-therapy.

The results we offer are two fold:


  • A musculature therapy and rehabilitation service that enables you to get back to your original fitness at no time.

  • A service that tears down the barriers of traditional treatment methods.

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